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The manufactures of any type of quartz crystal resonators can be divided into two phases.

In the first phase, traditionally known as optical processing because of close similarities with the manufacture of optical components such as lenses, the manufacturing operations are directed towards the production of crystal blanks of the desired orientation, dimensions, shape and surface finish.

The second phase, known variously as electrical processing, covers the operations of cleaning, laying down electrodes (usually by vacuum deposition), mounting, adjusting to final frequency, and sealing.  These process steps are described in detail in many publications such as: "Handbook of Quartz Crystal Devices" by David Salt, published in 1987 by Van Nostrand Reinhold (UK) Co., Ltd.

In this section, a simple block diagram is used to outline the manufacturing process flow for Crystal Resonators, Ceramic-base SMD Oscillators, and Plastic Molded Oscillators.