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Fortiming QCM Sensors Division specializes in low cost Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) Sensor Crystals in commercial and research applications.  This type of quartz crystals is supplied for system developers to coat with their own sensitizing materials, and for other applications such as contamination monitoring under laboratory vacuum conditions or Electrochemical QCM (EQCM) experiments.  We are committed to providing the highest quality sensor crystals at competitive prices.  To meet this goal, a specialized measurement equipment is used to test 100% of our sensor crystals.

Quality Products, Fast Deliveries, Competitive Prices

Crystal Specifications:

Fortiming standard QCM/EQCM crystals are supplied in two types of package.  One type is in a HC-51/U mount with a protective can temporarily fastened in place ("loose-canned").  Another type is just the Crystal Disk (no holder) with wrap around electrode.  With the considerable large ratio between the crystal blank diameter and the electrode diameter, our standard QCM crystals are suitable for both gas phase and liquid phase applications.

Crystal Parameters:

Nominal Frequency:  10 MHz
Crystal Cut & Resonance Mode:
  AT-cut, Fundamental thickness shear mode
Crystal Blank Diameter:
  13.7 mm
Electrode Diameter:
  5.11 mm
Electrode Materials:
  ~ 1000 Gold + Cr sub-layer for better attachment
Quartz Plate Thickness:
  0.17 mm
Surface Finish: 
Polish, 2 um

Sensitivity Considerations:

In general, the dynamic range of QCM sensors is 1/100 of the fundamental resonant frequency of the crystal, i.e. 100 KHz for a 10 MHz crystal.  The sensitivity is approximately constant over that range with publicized figure to be ~10-9 g/cm2/Hz (~10-14 to 10-12 g/cm2/s).  This is true if the deposit is a solid polycrystalline or amorphous layer, e.g. water vapor, carbon dioxide, oxygen, or nitrogen.  However, if the deposit consists of a liquid or droplets (as can occur in the case of nucleation of outgassed products, evaporating liquids, etc onto a "warm" crystal), the range of sensitivity may be considerably reduced due to oscillation damping.

HC-51/U Holder:         P/N:  FTQCMA-10M000-HC51U
Crystal Disk (no Holder): Wrap around Electrode on one side with ESR at the "Edge" to be 50-100 Ohms

         P/N:  FTQCMA-10M000-Disk ( Schematic Drawing)

QCM Array Controller (Discontinued on August 2013):

  (Specification Sheet)
  • Single Channel or Multiple Channel Simultaneous Measurement
  • Crystal Frequency Range:  1MHz to 35MHz
  • On-line Real-time Monitoring Capability
  • Frequency Resolution:  0.2Hz (10MHz crystal)
  • Software for Data Gathering, Manipulation, Graphic Presentation through the RS-232 Interface to a Window Based PC.

Order Information:

        P/N:  FTQCMA-10M000-HC51U for standard 10 MHz crystal mounted on HC-51/U package.

        P/N:  FTQCMA-10M000-Disk for standard 10 MHz crystal disk with wrap around Electrode on one side.

       Please contact factory for any of your special requirements.

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